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Effective Online Speech Therapy



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Frankie’s passion is working with children

to develop their social skills, build confidence in peer interactions, engage in their community, create and maintain friendships, develop their personal goals and identify their own unique communication style.

Frankie has experience in both the public and private health sectors, working holistically with families to create strategies that can be incorporated into their everyday lives. When she’s not working, she enjoys outdoor adventures, spending time with her dogs and checking items off her bucket list.

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Parent Coaching for Supporting Caregivers

Early intervention is a primary focus here at Converse!
Parent coaching is a well-established evidence-based approach that helps caregivers develop knowledge, skills, and confidence to support their child’s development.
Parent-implemented interventions are a very effective for young children with communication impairments and those with cognitive and language impairments, including, autism, down syndrome and developmental delays.
Our therapists coach you in the use of specific language strategies in your child’s play and daily routines to develop and improve speech, language and communication skills.

Converse can provide
•     Assessments • Reports
•     Goal-directed therapy
•     Personalised intervention
•     Home programs
•     An easy person to talk to
•     Parent and educator training    
•     A safe place to chat

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Telehealth... or Online Therapy,

can have the same therapeutic outcomes as face-to-face intervention, without the need

to leave your home.
Frankie first saw the benefits of speech therapy via video conferencing whilst working with children on the North West Coast who had difficulty accessing clinic-based therapy.
Telehealth provides clinicians, like Frankie, the opportunity to engage with children in their everyday
environments while providing parents and guardians with extensive training and strategies to support their
child’s development.
Frankie provides an initial video appointment with parents to discuss their child’s individual needs and goals and  determine whether Telehealth will provide an effective solution.


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